Having a curvaceous figure, Blake Lively says no to gym

Well this super hot bombshell says no to gym. With an interview to the magazine Lively said that she will rather hire a bike and go out instead hitting for gym. Being a mother of baby girl, James, she has just rickets in her figure. Blake Lively in bikini looks extremely hot and sexy. No doubt how could she get such a HOT and curvaceous body after the pregnancy.

This looks such a mystery unfolded. Blake Lively, 28 years Old is now seeing on Instagram with her posing pics of sisterhood with Amber Tamblyn.Also been sights with Taylor swift. They spend amazing ye in Australia and posted lot of Pictures tagging each other. She has seen so hot in bikini.


Well according to Blake spending much time in gym is waste of time and she would better find other important things to do. Not only this but she even stated that loosing such weight after pregnancy is not a big task that women should worry for. And she has been caught in yellow bikini and blue torchy shorts rocking the beach.

Blake Lively Bikini pics are on Board in all social websites and seemingly hot this time.She has mostly been seen on beaches soaking up the sun and enjoying the weather.Also she was on the site of the film but wasn’t too much in action. Being going around in New south Wales, she was rather seeing enjoying more on sets.

Well this was the time on the site of the film Shallows, and still the school is going on. Hope you all will enjoy to look how hard or we say easily Blake has reduced her weight and got back in action. The film we be released on June 24, 2016. The pics are looking hot and enticing hope the movie comes out to be great.

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