Pooja batra – It was a break; Not the end

The hot and gorgeous Pooja is now foaming her beauty on Instagram these days. Well who all are a fan of her, would certainly keep a count on hotness, Oh, I mean the number of beautiful pics she upload. Well she is less seen in Bollywood but spending gala time in Hollywood.

She is recently residing in Los Angeles and have seen that she is back in love again. The reasons might not be deep to digest in but the actress has been seen to look and carry her more enticing that would gaze everyone out. Have a look at the pictures below, this ones are definitely breath taking. 

She is in Paris these days, enjoying with her new Norwegian boyfriend Christian Middelthon. Well she has publically committed this relationship and they both look kinda cute together.

Coming back to her pictures she has green beautiful being away from Bollywood seems. Last movie, was ABCD2, though the role was a cameo but she definitely worked out with lifted spirits. Well this actor marks less of a top listed acting career but she enjoys her life fully.

Well recently whats on air is love but she got a perfect figure to flaunt around with the perfect height. Well being a beauty pageant holder of Miss India international in the year 1993, she definitely has the looks to attract. Quite not relevant to a larger audience she has been seen in many Page3 parties. And well she is not a camera freak and loves to be captured in shots any where she gets time too. Tune in to her Instagram and follow her to know the latest info and also the hot pics, after all Indian beauties are much ranked in every aspect. Till then keep on coming to our page and we will give you the hot news. you can also watch Sunny leone bikini picture.


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